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Footluxe of Long Island  has an “old fashioned” approach when it comes to patient care.  We focus  on patient-physician communication,  providing patients with quality care without  focusing on an allotted period of time. While  some  practices focus on increasing patient volume, packing their waiting rooms; we  believe in quality of care our patients receive. Appropriate treatment includes a thorough history of the patient ailment and complete exam with a full discussion of treatment plan, which our doctor discusses with each patient. It is not enough to relieve our patient’s immediate foot  ailment, we focus on the etiology of the pain because in determining the cause, we can not only treat but also prevent recurrences in the future.  At Footluxe of Long Island, we believe that the body should be treated as a whole entity, providing patient  with full treatment plans including referrals  to other specialists, not all foot ailments are isolated only to the feet. We also provider home visits for patient residing in Nassau County, specifically our geriatric and disabled patients.


Our Doctor

 Dr.Buffolino started her podiatric career by attending  New York College of Podiatric Medicine located in New York City.  Post graduation, Dr.Buffolino completed a  four year recently  at New York Hospital of Queens in Flushing.  An extensive residency devoted to  all aspects of foot and ankle surgery including  trauma, reconstruction, arthroscopy and endoscopy surgery  as well as medical management of podiatric pathologies. During her fourth year, she resided as Chief Resident. With an additional year following of fellowship training in Wound Care and Advance Tissue Healing including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital. 



Our podiatrist treats a variety of footcare needs:

Heel Pain

Diabetic Foot Care

Ingrown Toenail

Flat feet

Bunions & Hammertoes



Plantar fasciitis

Fungal Toenails

Crush Injuries

Corns & Callouses

Athletes Foot

Wound Care

Ankle Sprains & Instability


Sports Medicine

Pediatric & Geriatric Care


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Walk-ins are welcome! Our podiatrist specialists in all forms of footcare: diabetic care heel pain, bunions amd hammertoes, ingrown toenail, warts and more!

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